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Benefits of Using JomBill

At JomBill we offer to use Utility Billing Software as SaaS in cloud, it means we take care of all infrastructure and software, and you have:


Web client versions are included. Included web client can be used from any device where internet browsers can be launched.

Servers and Licenses

No need to invest in infrastructure and licenses – we provide servers and licenses We provide all software what is needed to work with solution.


No additional maintenance costs – maintenance is included in rent price. It includes maintenance for specialized solution and web solutions.


No upgrade costs - upgrades are delivered automatically. Solution will be automatically updated with newest patches as well as upgrades to new versionsrole centers for users.

Solution Deployment. Speed

Solution will be ready to use within 10 min after your registration in JomBill. All environment setup process is fully automated and you need to enter just main information to start to use the system


It is possible to customize any function, even add new or change workflow. Customizations are additional service and costs need to be discussed with support.

Features of JomBill

Service Address

Define any facilities for each subscriber like apartments, garages, business and other properties.Client can define any groups of property what will be billed, it is done to adjust rates more precisely, for example - private house rate might be lower than business property rate for the same service or vice versa.


Define any number of any kind of services provided in each property. Most common are water, electricity, gas, heating, but can be also any other services if they need to billed regularly based on some rates and conditions.


Set rates, any combination of rates and services. Rates can be set up per agreement, customer, customer group, property, quantity or period and any variation of all that.

Bill Calculation

Set rates, any combination of rates and services. Calculate bills periodically basing on meter readings or flat rates.

Credits & Collections

Get complete information about your subscriber consumption, it means it include all accounting and reporting functionality. For some countries special localization modules are available, call support for that information.

Electronic Invoices

Send bills electronically via e-mail With JomBill you can prepare bills to be send via regular post, e-mail, SMS or sent to client portal.