Spot Meter Mobile Apps:
-Help clients to scan the meter reading at site only by using a simple mobile application
-Can act as proof for the meter reading as the pictures will be capture and saved inside the system accordingly.

Benefits of Spot Meter Mobile Apps

Reduce Cost

One Spot Meter Mobile Application can be use conveniently in one or more smartphone. Rather than buying many devices to collect meter reading, you just need to buy one apps and install in how many smartphone you want


Our Spot Meter Application offers several benefits, such as the ability to save files on a mobile device, in the cloud or straight into the database.

Meeting the Demand

Day by day user require something that upgraded and follows the current technologies. At JomSoft, we always try our best to expand along with the current technologies for users' satisfaction.

How Spot Meter Works

According to diagram above:-

-Spot Meter Mobile Apps will collect all meter readings from the sites. 

-Readings collected will be automatically insert into our utility billing system (JomBill) thus monthly bill will be produced

-Next, bills will be send to customer via client portal/e-mail/sms