Payment rules are described in Payment Policy , we don’t take money for separate modules, all functionality is available to our clients. We take payments for each user license on monthly bases and for amount you use system (payment per invoices). Some additional payments might be possible, if client wants some special exclusive modifications for solution.

You can get help any time by contacting our support team, via mail or online chat.

We don’t ask additional fee for database size, if size is reasonable and not artificially increased there is no problem with that.

Each client gets access just to database they have created. Information is as safe as it is possible in internet environment. We do our best to comply with the all PDPA requirements.

It is simply better :), but if seriously, JomBill offers not just billing but also full AMR functionality.

We are located at Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.

Average client for utility billing solution has about 20k -50k tenants or clients, but we have clients who started with only 1000 clients, and, as system is scalable, it is possible to use also in projects with 1 000 000 clients.