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Utility Billing System

Utility Billing System

A medium which helps to organize the consumption and a software that can handle the billing process.

Automatic Meter Reading

Provide all the metering solutions and perform metering products checking and programming.

Features of JomBill

A powerful, easy-to-use and economical software for user to manage their monthly utility billing. JomBill is committed to providing the highest quality products and service to our customers. Quality begins with a product that you can depend on to meet all of your needs today and long into the future.

Electronic Invoice

Customized Report

Integration with smart meters

Client Portal

Introducing JomBill Hybrid

JomBill Hybrid is essentially the combination of current postpaid system with prepaid features
to produce an efficient system.

Software in cloud

Let's Work Together with JomBill

With 14 years of industry experience , we promise you’ll be blown away how our utility billing software can help your organization run better and more efficiently than ever!

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Arguably one of the most comprehensive billing engines in the business, JomBill bills and rates millions of records every day. Currently we are expanding widely in Malaysia with several valuable and influential clients.

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Designed for various unique business and industry need

Highly recommended by other companies

Is low-risk, fast to implement, and simple to maintain

Our software is properly supported and protected

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are the best company that provides AMR together with Utility Billing System. We also provide latest updates to satisfy the client needs. Submit your RFP now for further details. 

We are located at Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

Each client gets access just to database they have created. Information is as safe as it is possible in internet environment. We do our best to comply with the all PDPA requirements.

You can get help any time by contacting our support team, via mail or online chat.

We offer awesome services

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